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Social Services

Social Services encompasses a variety of different avenues that we utilize to assist Veterans who are experiencing homelessness. As social workers, we understand that behavioral health integration is vital in promoting health and well-being. We operate under the Social Determinants of Health model to address all aspects of a Vet's functioning. 

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Case Management

Case management involves providing comprehensive and coordinated support services to assist veterans experiencing homelessness in regaining stability and transitioning to permanent housing. It is a client-centered approach that addresses the unique needs and challenges faced by homeless veterans.



Programs aim to provide educational opportunities that can enhance their skills, improve employability, and ultimately help them transition out of homelessness. Here are some education options for homeless veterans: Job Readiness, Self-Help Skills, GED Prep, VA Benefit Courses and more.

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Behavioral Health

Behavioral healthcare plays a crucial role in supporting veterans by addressing their mental health and substance use needs. It provides a range of services and interventions aimed at improving their psychological well-being, promoting stability, and facilitating their transition out of homelessness.



Coaching can be a valuable support approach for homeless veterans, providing them with personalized guidance, motivation, and resources to help them navigate their unique challenges and work towards their goals. 

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